ADMEAbsorption, Distribution, Metabolized, Excretion
ADR/AEAdverse Drug Reaction/Adverse Event
CDAConfidentiality Disclosure Agreement
CDMClinical Data Management
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CNSCentral Nervous System
CRAClinical Research Associate
CROContract Research Organization
CRFCase Report Form
CRSClinical Regulatory Specialist
DEADrug Enforcement Administration
ECEthics Committee
GCPGood Clinical Practice
GLPGood Laboratory Practice
HRECHuman Research Ethics Committees
HMOHealth Management Organization
IBInvestigator Brochure
ICInformed Consent
ICFInformed Consent Form
ICHInternational Conference on Harmonisation
IECIndependent Ethics Committee
IRBInstitutional Review Board
IRDBInvestigator Research Database
ISFNInvestigator Site File Notebook
LOILetter of Intent
LRECLocal Research Ethics Committee
MAPMaster Action Plan
MRECMulti Research Ethics Committee (UK)
NDANew Drug Application
PIPrincipal Investigator
PISPatient Information Sheet
PMProject Manager
PQRSPPD Query Resolution System
QAQuality Assurance
QCQuality Control
RAResearch Assistant
RCMResearch Coordination Manager
RCRRegulatory Compliance Review
RTMSResearch Trial Management System
SAESerious Adverse Event
SCStudy Coordinator
SMFStudy Master File
SMOSite Management Organization
SOPStandard Operating Procedures
TALTraining Attendance Log
TMFTrial Master File
WHOWorld Health Organization